I'm a software engineer based in Pensacola, FL with a background in flight simulators and embedded systems. Currently, I write firmware for a great company in downtown Pensacola called ActiGraph.


A very low-latency preemptive multi-tasking kernel for ARM Cortex-M processors. It should be available on GitHub soon.
This application enables the user to input a large batch of addresses for Deepwater Horizon Economic Loss Zone identification, and for calculating the distances from a business to its customers.
FTL Profile Merge
This tool allows multiple Faster Than Light profiles to be merged together. It comes in handy if you play on multiple computers and want all your scores and unlocked items synchronized.
The Lua gzip file I/O module emulates the standard I/O module, but operates on compressed gzip format files.
A unfinished and mostly abandonned HTML5 canvas spacewar clone.
World of Tanks tournament resources with results tracking, scouting reports and articles.